The 3rd Future Network Development Conference

Network Globalization, Winning the future

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After more than 40 years of development, internet has become an important infrastructure of human society. With the continuously expanding network scale, growing user basis, emerging new businesses and innovated application scenarios, the traditional internet faces serious challenges in terms of scalability, security, flexibility, mobility, and service quality. The internet is ushering in a new round of historical changes. In recent years, the global mainstream operators have announced a number of network restructuring strategies, using new technologies to build a new-generation of network architecture, so as to meet the new and evolving needs. The new technologies and concepts of future network such as software defined network, network virtualization, data center reconstruction and edge computation, are continuously staged to affect all aspects of the network industry chain and unleash numerous new opportunities and challenges. In this context, the Global Future Network Development Summit sets up a cutting-edge international dialogue platform for the future network. In line with the philosophy of equality, openness and sharing, the Global Future Network Development Summit will implement a mutually beneficial and win-win strategy, strive to seek common understandings in disputes, pursue development in common understandings and pursue win-win in development, thus jointly exploring the cooperative development of the global future network and capturing the opportunity of future global network transformation.

The Future Network Development Conference has been held twice in Nanjing Jiangning Future Network Town. The Summit gathered nearly 3,000 high-level government representatives, global operators, equipment suppliers, internet business executives as well as the experts, scholars and celebrities in the field of network. In-depth discussions were made on major issues such as the current challenges and opportunities to network, the frontier technology trend of future network, the network transformation and restructuring of operators, the construction of future networks experiment environment, future network industrial and innovative applications and many other important topics. The Summit has become a high-profile event in the field of the global future network. 

Continuously focusing on internationalization, specialization, high-end orientation, the 3rd Global Future Network Development Summit integrates high-level dialogues, panel series and competition events. Experts, scholars and well-known representatives from governments, global telecom operators, well-known network equipment manufacturers, famous Internet enterprises, top-notch scientific research institutes and many international organizations are invited to share their insight into the future network technology and industrial development. The Summit will also serve as a platform for demonstrating cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements and a cradle for collaborative innovation in the field of global future network.