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After 40 years of development, the Internet has become an important infrastructure of human society. With the continuous expansion of network, increasingly growing users, endlessly emerging businesses, and continuous innovation of application scenarios, the traditional Internet is facing severe challenges in terms of scalability, security, flexibility, mobility, and quality of service. The Internet is embracing new changes. In recent years, the global mainstream operators and equipment vendors have announced a number of network reconfiguration strategies, and applied new technologies to build new generation of network architecture, in a bid to meet the new requirements of development. The software-defined network, network virtualization, data center reconstruction, edge computing and other new network technologies and concepts have been continuously introduced, and are influencing all aspects of the network industry chain. Numerous new opportunities and challenges are turning up. Against this background, the Global Future Network Development Summit will take the lead in establishing a cutting-edge international exchange platform to jointly discuss the cooperative development of the global future network and catch the transformation opportunity of future network.

On April 17th-18th, 2017, the first Global Future Network Development Summit was grandly held in Nanjing Jiangning Future Network Town. The summit is composed of one main forum, i.e. "Future Network Global Development Strategy" with the theme of Innovation and win-win cooperation, ushering in the future development, and 10 sub-forums of 4 sessions, namely "Future Network and Technology Innovation", "Future Network and Application Innovation", "Future Network and Economic Development" and "Future Network and Cyberspace Security." Meanwhile, there are the global leading network technology achievements exhibition, "Explore the Zen of Internet at Mt. Niushou" and other theme activities. About 3000 guests attended this summit including government officials and representatives from telecom operators, network equipment manufacturers, internet entrepreneurs, scholars from scientific research institutions and international organizations. In-depth discussions on major topics were held in respect of challenges and opportunities for the legacy network, network transformation and reconstruction for operators, and cutting-edge technology trends, experiment facilities construction, industrialization and innovations for future networks.

This year, the 2nd Global Future Network Development Summit will be held in Nanjing agai, which will bring new ideas for the future network.