The 3rd Future Network Development Conference

Network Globalization, Winning the future

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Network Globalization, Winning the Future, the 3rd Future Network Development Conference to be Held

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The fourth industrial revolution represented by the new generation of information technology (NGIT) and artificial intelligence (AI) is sweeping the globe. Whoever can make breakthroughs in the core technology field can shake the world and gain a strategic position in the global competition pattern. In the wave of global innovation, China should aim at the world science and technology frontier, grasp the general trend of scientific and technological innovation, deploy future innovation industries and seize the commanding heights of development.

Innovation leads the development, and basic research is the driving force of innovation. In response to the call for the deployment of national laboratories in major innovation fields, based on the principle of “Two-wheel drive of technological innovation and institutional innovation”, Purple Mountain Laboratories gather the world’s most superior talents and innovation units in the field of network communication and security, committed to solving major technological issues and bottlenecks in the industry, exploring the frontier basic original innovation, which is of great significance to forming technology and industry peaks in Nanjing City and even Jiangsu Province and promoting China's building new edge in international competition.

Hosted by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Nanjing Municipal People's Government, organized by Jiangsu Future Networks Innovation Institute, Purple Mountain Laboratories for Network Communication and Security, Jiangning District People's Government and Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone, the 3rd Global Future Network Development Summit will be held during May 22-23 in the Future Network Town, Jiangning, Nanjing. Based on the concept of equality, openness and sharing, the Summit has established a frontier dialogue platform that integrates “Internationalization”, “Professionalization” and “High-end” in the future network field. The Summit will also become a display platform for cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements and a cradle of cooperative innovation, boosting Nanjing’s building a famous innovative city with global influence and making innovation a new label for Nanjing.


Themed at “Network Globalization, Winning the Future”, this Summit includes one main forum and eleven sub-forums to discuss the major topics related to innovation such as future network innovation strategy, cyberspace security, 5G, artificial intelligence, Industrial Internet, media convergence, Internet of Things from technology application, industrial agglomeration and many other aspects.

“Network Globalization” will focus on the opportunities in the great changes over the past 100 years, take the opportunity of building a famous innovative Nanjing city with global influence based on China's huge market and release the selected latest network technology achievements and application solutions that are forward-looking, leading and innovative. 

“Winning the Future” will focus on the industrial ecological chain of mastering the core technologies and innovative applications as the main line based on the innovative applications of NGIT and set three sessions of brand enterprises presentation & panel discussion in the 5G application, automotive and media convergence. Well-known enterprises at home and abroad can release their latest technologies or products, demonstrate the applications of future network technology in various industries and conduct in-depth discussions on the topics such as new achievements in network technology and new directions in the network industry to achieve cross-border cooperation.

Meanwhile, the Summit will continue the online competition and invite top teams at home and abroad to participate in the competition, compete in the same arena and accomplish the mission. Committed to reflecting the confidence of China's mimic defense technology and industrial innovation alliance on the security and stability of mimic defense, it will become a new benchmark for domestic cyberspace security competitions.

Innovative forums, featured events, exciting events... Long press the QR code below to sign up and participate in the Summit to share a feast of future networks!