The 3rd Future Network Development Conference

Network Globalization, Winning the future

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Boost Building a Famous Innovative Nanjing City, the 3rd Future Network Development Conference to be Held

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The world is experiencing unprecedented great changes over the past 100 years, when China is in the best development period since modern times, thriving in rich opportunities and challenges thus brought. The fourth industrial revolution represented by the new generation of information technology (NGIT), artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent manufacturing, etc. will become the commanding heights of future innovation and development. As an essential part of the fourth industrial revolution, 5G will start a new round of global competition. On one hand, it will lead to significant reconstruction and strong upgrade of the consumer Internet; on the other hand, it will genuinely launch a new era of industrial Internet development, creating tremendous market and development opportunities.

In the 5G era, all sectors across the globe are paying active attention to the Chinese voice, Chinese market, Chinese model and Chinese opportunities. With the global vision, Nanjing conforms to the global innovation and development trend and vigorously implements the innovation-driven development of “121” strategy to build a famous “Innovative city” with global influence, making innovation the most prominent urban feature and driving force for development. The “Cyber power strategy” is thoroughly implemented to seize major opportunities for network technology reform, vigorously develop future networks with independent core technologies and applications and conquer the commanding heights of development.



Hosted by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Nanjing Municipal People's Government, organized by Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu Future Networks Innovation Institute and Purple Mountain Laboratories for Network Communication and Security, the 3rd Global Future Network Development Summit will be held during May 22-23 in the Future Network Town, Jiangning, Nanjing. Themed at “Network Globalization, Winning the Future” and around five major sectors of future network innovation, digital economy, application innovation, cyberspace security and cultural innovation, this Summit will invite more than 300 well-known scientists, industry experts and enterprises at home and abroad for shrewd insight sharing, high-end exchange and cross-border cooperation on new achievements in network technology, new ecology in industrial development, new models in future business and new opportunities for strategic investment.

To thoroughly uphold the spirit of innovation, this Summit includes opening and closing ceremonies, main forum and eleven sub-forums for sharing great ideas and holds the “A Glimpse of the Future” Industrial Ecology Special Sessions and competition to highlight the leading edge of future network technology research.

One of the highlights in the opening ceremony, the strategic launch of Purple Mountain Laboratories, is of great significance for focusing on building a famous innovative city and leading the development of high-quality innovation in Nanjing. In August last year, the Purple Mountain Laboratories for Network Communication and Security were unveiled in Nanjing. For Nanjing, the only city with the national network infrastructure for major technology infrastructure in the information field, the Purple Mountain Laboratories will promote the major breakthrough of core key technologies in the network, communication and security fields.

The registration channel for the Summit has been opened. Scan the QR code below to participate in the Summit and experience the magical charm of future network!