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Future Network Security under the Internet+ after the Two Sessions, Big Move of Purple Mountain Laboratories!

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During the Two Sessions in 2019, “Internet+” was mentioned again. No matter the “Comprehensively promoting the 'Internet+', applying new technologies and new models to transform traditional industries” or “Accelerating the development of emerging industries, promoting the Internet+ in all walks of life”, “Internet+” has once again become a hot word in reports, leading to the rise of a number of new concepts such as “Internet + supervision”, “Internet + inspection”. It is foreseeable that the Internet will fully penetrate various industrial value chains in the near future, with an all-around, profound and revolutionary influence on the real economy.

In the context that the Internet is fully involved in various industries, future network security is particularly important. Today, cybersecurity has risen as a part of national security, and the reliability and security of critical information infrastructure are closely related to the national economy and the people's livelihood.


In August last year, Jiangsu Province established the Network Communication and Security Purple Mountain Laboratories, with state laboratory as the construction standard, gathering three major disciplinary fields of communication and network, life sciences and new materials, aiming to build a world-class R&D institution and state-level innovation base. Based on the principle of “Two-wheel drive of technological innovation and institutional innovation”, the laboratories gather the world's superior talents and innovation units in the field of network communication and security, committed to meeting the significant strategic demands of the state in the field of network communication and security, addressing the major technological issues in the industry, overcoming major industry bottlenecks, exploring the frontier basic original innovations, launching several major demonstration applications, and promoting the implementation of achievements in the national economy and national defense construction. It is expected to form a world-renowned high-level scientific research base and industrial highland that steers the development of global information technology and leads the future industrial structures and models, striving to become a core component of state laboratories in China’s information field.

The Network Communication and Security Purple Mountain Laboratories are the first landmark project in Nanjing for building a comprehensive science center. Since the unveiling on August 28 last year, the laboratories have established the first council and academic committee, set up a laboratory test run management team, carried out a series of system and carrier constructions and achieved phased results.

To support the construction of Purple Mountain Laboratories, the 3rd Global Future Network Development Summit will be held in Nanjing on May 22, committed to building a “Powerful engine” for the future network industry highland. Coming soon!