The 3rd Future Network Development Conference

Network Globalization, Winning the future

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A Promising Future within Reach - The 3rd Future Network Development Conference, Boosting Nanjing’s Building of a Famous Innovative City

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It is reported that the 3rd Global Future Network Development Summit will be held on May 22-23, 2019 in the Future Network Town, Jiangning District, Nanjing.

Themed at “Network Globalization, Winning the Future”, with the strategic thinking of building a cyber-power as the guiding principle, this summit thoroughly implements the spirit of the Work Conference of Cyberspace Administration of China, closely focuses on the major demand for national innovation and facilitates in-depth deployment of building Nanjing a famous innovative city. The summit is arranged with a main forum “Global Future Network Development Strategy” and 10 sub-forums such as “Experiment Facility Promoting Network Technology and Application Innovation”, “Industrial Internet”, “5G”, “Network Artificial Intelligence”, “Blockchain”, “Future Network Technology and Industrial Integration Innovation Forum”. Comprehensive and in-depth discussions will be held on China's future network development, core technology construction, innovation building and information security, etc.

In addition, the summit also invites the world's latest technology industry top-notch experts and talents, including the main leaders of international organizations such as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO), global telecom operators, global network equipment manufacturers, global network experts of famous Internet companies from home and abroad, scientists and celebrities, et al. to jointly carry out cross-border, cross-regional and cross-age communication and interaction. Inspiring great ideas and perceiving the future, the summit aims to inject vitality of ideas and gather cutting-edge technologies and top talents for Nanjing to create a famous innovative city.

Oriented to the main direction of future network, new types of communication and network communication endogenous security, Purple Mountain Laboratories of Network Communication and Security recruits well-known experts in the field of network communication and security at home and abroad, integrate domestic and foreign superior scientific and technological resources, strengthen opening-up and cooperation and make systematic deployments. It’s committed to forge a cross-disciplinary top-talent-intensive comprehensive scientific research platform for the field of network communication and security. At this summit, Purple Mountain Laboratories will release major research achievements to the world.

Innovation leads to future development. Global Future Network Development Summit will not only become a city business card for Nanjing to create a “famous innovative city”, but also help create a gold-lettered signboard of Purple Mountain Laboratories, which is of important practical influence and far-reaching historical significance for accomplishing the goals of integrating into the global technological innovation network, contributing Chinese wisdom, enhancing China's discourse power in the future network field, securing the commanding height of future network technology and compass future network achievements.

       Nanjing, a promising future within reach!