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Two Sessions Foresee 5G Communication and Security of Future Network, Purple Mountain Laboratories Make Early Deployment

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On the recently commenced Two Sessions on March 5 2019, 5G became a topic with unprecedentedly high enthusiasm. The year of 2019 is also known as the “Ground Zero of 5G” and China will also realize pre-commercial trial of 5G this year. According to incomplete statistics, more than 20 provinces and cities such as Beijing, Guangdong and Shandong have started 5G networking testing. In the future, 5G networks will be able to make more terminal devices stay connected to the internet. And compatible devices are not limited to smart phones, but also include other terminal devices such as smart home appliances to really materialize the “Networking of Everything”.

When everything is networked, 5G will connect a whole array of more kinds of devices and satisfy the application cloud computation and virtualization technology requested by those devices. This means that in addition to basic communication security, 5G network needs to provide personalized security services for different business scenarios, adapting to different network access manners and new network architectures. On the precondition of protecting privacy, 5G also needs to have open and reliable security capability. In the context of accommodating more users and satisfying more needs, 5G will be confronted with diversified and even security threats never seen before.

Focusing on national key strategies, fully capitalizing Nanjing’ unique advantages in basic technologies for the fields including future network, 5G development and evolution and millimeter wave core devices, Purple Mountain Laboratories of Network Communication and Security was officially unveiled in August last year. The Purple Mountain Laboratories is built upon the backbone of teams from Southeast University, Jiangsu Future Networks Innovation Institute and The PLA Information Engineering University. Purple Mountain Laboratories is headed by Academician Liu Yunjie, Professor You Xiaohu and Academician Wu Jiangxing. 

Oriented to the main direction of future network, new types of communication and network communication endogenous security, Purple Mountain Laboratories of Network Communication and Security recruits well-known experts in the field of network communication and security at home and abroad, integrate domestic and foreign superior scientific and technological resources, strengthen opening-up and cooperation and make systematic deployments. It’s committed to forge a cross-disciplinary top-talent-intensive comprehensive scientific research platform for the field of network communication and security. Guided by the principle of “Driven by technological innovation and institutional innovation”, the Purple Mountain Laboratories will establish a scientifically structured organization to maximize the output from limited resources, and particularly focusing on addressing the key national strategic demands in the field of network communication and security, resolving the major industrial bottlenecks. At the same time, it will probe into basic and frontier sciences and make original innovation, carry out the significant demonstration applications, promote the transformation and application of research findings in the construction of national economy and defense. Purple Mountain Laboratories can therefore become a world-famous scientific research base and an industrial highland that guides the development direction of the global information technology and spearheads the future industrial structure and model.

At the same time, the 3rd Global Future Network Development Summit will be held in Nanjing on May 22 to 23 this year for the purpose of making Nanjing a famous innovation city with global influence and helping Purple Mountain Laboratories become a well-known brand. When the Summit is opened, all ears and eyes will be waiting to see the significant research achievements released by the Purple Mountain Laboratories and hear the plethora of great ideas and advices contributed by the participating academicians and experts for China’s dream of strong national from strong networks.