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The Second Global Future Network Development Summit is soon to come, imaging a future of network in Jiangning

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The Second Global Future Network Development Summit is now counting down. The following week will witness the opening of the Second Global Future Network Development Summit in Jiangning, which will attract international organizations in global future network, telecom operators, network equipment manufacturers, world-renown internet enterprises, experts from top research institutions, scholars and celebrities to this industrial feast.

Guided by the strategic thought of network power put forward by Xi Jinping, Chinese General Secretary, the Summit will uphold the spirit of nationwide conferences on cyberspace affairs, center on China’s needs, strengthen the establishment of scientific and technological platforms, strive to make network and security technologies more original and industrialized, and provide support in building Nanjing into a famous and innovative city with global influence.

The summit will be held in Jiangning, Nanjing from May 11th to 12th, 2018. With the theme of “Innovation Ushers Future”, the Summit will hold the main forum “Global Future Network Development Strategy” and 12 sub-forums about technology innovation, digital economy, application innovation, cyberspace security and cultural innovation of future network. Meanwhile, the summit will carry out a number of wonderful activities such as the launching ceremony of Future Network Experiment Facility Project, the first International Elite Challenge on Cyber Mimic Defense, the "Future City" Theme Exhibition, the release of the White Paper on Global Future Network Development, and the signing of major projects. The summit will be of great realistic significance and far- reaching historical significance in raising China’s voice in future network, promoting the development of the network industry in China and building China into a "Network Power".


Under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China and Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, the Summit is sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Nanjing Municipal Government and is co-organized by Jiangsu Future Network Innovation Institute, Nanjing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Jiangning District People’s Government and Management Committee of Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone. The summit is highly valued by the industry around the world. Upholding the philosophy of equality, openness and sharing of the first summit, this Summit will invite more than 300 guests and nearly 100 famous media from China, America, Britain, Japan, Australia and other countries to share and discuss the development trends of global future network industry and technologies. By focusing on future network research and industry, the summit will explore cooperation models in future network, connect the world synchronously, create a new ecosystem for future network, establish a world-class exchange platform with international quality and global industrial influence, and become another grand event in the field of internet after the World Internet Conference.

The opening ceremony and main forum will be held on the first day of the Summit. On the opening ceremony, the Future Network Experiment Facility Project will be launched which marks China’s new journey in future network. The opening ceremony will be followed by the main forum. Taking Global Future Network Development Strategy as its theme, the main forum will invite more than 30 academicians, experts, senior executives from institutions and enterprises to probe into the development trend of future network of global concern by means of sharing, roundtable discussions and exchanges. Meanwhile, the summit will present The Forum on the National Mimic Technology and Industry Innovation Alliance & the First Technology and Application Forum and 2018 Future Summit on Intellectual Property Business, which will focus on cyberspace mimic defense and intellectual property business. Moreover, the "Future City" Theme Exhibition will be held on the first day of the Summit. The exhibition hall will take "Future City" as a core idea by setting up scenes of a smart city and displaying future technologies. The Exhibition will be open to the public for two consecutive days. It will enable the participants to experience the humane power of future network at close range by displaying cutting-edge “cool technologies” from research institutes, telecom operators and internet tycoons.

On May 12th, the Summit will share reports on 10 sub-forums. On the morning of May 12th, the First International Elite Challenge on Cyber Mimic Defense will be held in CNV, which will mean fierce competitions among top white hat hackers from home and abroad in cyber security. In the afternoon of May 12th, the closing ceremony of the Summit will be held at CNV, and the White Paper on Global Future Network Development will be released as well as the signing ceremony of major projects will be conducted.


Jiangning boasts a pleasant climate in May. Supported by relevant ministries of the Central Government and the governments at the provincial, municipal and district levels, all the organizers, co-organizers and collaborators are promoting the preparations of the Summit. Jiangning will present a new blueprint of future network for guests, keep a record of each step of China’s implementation of the strategy of network power, and display China’s demeanor in striding forward to build itself into a “Network Power”.