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[Revelation] Highlights of The Second Global Future Network Development Summit

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The Second Global Future Network Development Summit will be held in Jiangning, Nanjing from May 11th to 12th, 2018. The summit, with the theme of “Innovation Ushers Future”, will conduct a main forum and ten sub-forums in five sectors on Global Future Network Development Strategy as well as future network and technology innovation, digital economy, application innovation, cyberspace security and cultural innovation. Meanwhile, many activities, including the launching ceremony of the first International Elite Challenge on Cyber Mimic Defense, launching ceremony of the Future Network Experiment Facility Project, "Future City" Theme Exhibition, the launching of White Paper on Global Future Network Development, and the signing ceremony of major projects cooperation will be held. 

It is the time for future network, forging toward a new stage in the industry

This summit focuses on the future network development which has drawn global attention. The launching ceremony of the Future Network Experiment Facility Project will be held on the opening ceremony of the summit. Leaders in national ministries and commissions and provinces and cities as well as leaders from relevant international standard organizations, global telecom operators, global network equipment manufacturers, world-renown internet enterprises, global internet experts, scientists and celebrities will be invited to witness the launch of the major national scientific and technological infrastructure. The launch of the project will gradually conduct the research of the basic theory and network core mechanism of the new network architecture, providing a platform for the experiment and test of the basic theory and key technologies on internet sustainable development; tackle the core technologies of core equipment, system and business; sustain the breakthrough made by our national technological research of network science and network space on core chips and key equipment, internet operation system, route control technology, network virtualization technology, security and trusted mechanism, large-scale network experiment, innovative business system, which manifests that our future network will embark on a new journey.

At the same time, the White Paper on Global Future Network Development will be released at the closing ceremony of the summit. The White Paper systematically introduces the background, concept and application value of future network, discusses the core technologies and open source project and summarizes the experiments in different countries and the expectation for the industry in the future. Future network is an important trend for network technology and the industry is gradually exploring and deepening their understanding on future network. White Paper on Global Future Network Development systematically reviews the field of future network, providing a valuable reference for the industry. It plays an active role in accelerating the implementation of the future network facilities and promoting the development of future network industry.

Another highlight of the closing ceremony is the signing ceremony of major projects. The Second Global Future Network Development Summit aims to establish a leading platform for international exchange on future network, providing cooperation and development opportunities for institutions and organizations all over the world in future network industry. On the closing ceremony of the summit, a number of international cooperation projects will be contracted around the future network technology cooperation and the construction of future network experiment facilities. Meanwhile, a batch of new R&D institutions and high-tech industry projects will be inked in the areas of communications, network and security. It is expected to create a sustainable future in the field of future network through the cooperation on these projects.

High-grade, precision and advanced scientific and technological achievements usher in the “Future City”

From May 11th to 12th, "Future City" Theme Exhibition will be held at Science and Technology Exchange Center in Future Network Town, Nanjing. With the core principle of creating a "Future City", the exhibition hall will show the latest achievements in the field of global future network to build the scenes in smart city. "Cloud, tube, end" is the digital support of future cities and also the basic solution for future city information flow. The summit, inviting representative units of “cloud, tube, end” solution, will build the scenarios of urban construction and urban service, including government affairs, medical care, education and security and protection, and build a full range of links to create an immersive experience integrating future internet, digital art, scientific research and technology and application in the smart age, to ensure that guests will experience the changes in digital world and appreciate the human spirit of future network.


图片 11.png

(Aerial view of "Future City" Theme Exhibition)

On the scene of the "Future City" Theme Exhibition, research results about future network technology of Jiangsu Future Network Innovation Institute will be exhibited. The possible future of the mobile Internet, the Internet of Things, and 5G networks will be revealed by three major telecom operators - China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom. Some industrial giants like BAT, Huawei, and iFly TEK will appear with cutting-edge applications about smart cities, among which interactive demonstrations, such as smart home system and intelligent robots will be presented.

图片 11.png

(Working sketch of "Future City" Theme Exhibition)

As a highlight of the Second Global Future Network Development Summit, a high-ranking party full of “black technologies” will be shown in the "Future City" Theme Exhibition for citizens.

An actual test of Mimic Defense will be held examining network security

Besides the exhibition of research results about future network and project cooperation and communication, this summit also pays attention to the development of national cyberspace security strategy. To test technology’s intrinsic security capabilities, the first International Elite Challenge on Cyber Mimic Defense, will be held during the summit. The top white hat hacker teams in the field of cyber security both at home and abroad will be invited to participate in this competition, in which they can have an actual combat competition based on real network scenarios through the rules of mimic defense challenge with several stages. This competition shows the confidence from the National Mimic Technology and Industry Innovation Alliance to the security and stability of mimic defense system. At the same time, this Challenge marks China has officially entered the utilization and industrialization progress with self-created mimic defense theory and related applied technology.

The Second Global Future Network Development Summit will not only offer a stage for international cooperation, innovation and win-win results, but also, by a series of attractive activities, present China’s great confidence in research results about future network and cyber security. Looking forward to your arrival from May 11th to 12th. Greet the future in Jiangning.