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The 2nd Global Future Network Development Summit Will be Held in Jiangning to Make Nanjing an Innovative City

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In 2018, the 2nd Global Future Network Development Summit will be held from May 11th to 12th. Many future network experts, scholars and celebrities at home and abroad will be invited to attend the summit in Jiangning, Nanjing to discuss and share the remarkable changes in future network development brought about by scientific and technological innovation.

With the theme of “Innovation Ushers Future” the summit will hold several sub-forums to share such topics as Future Network with Technology Innovation, Digital Economy, Application Innovation, Cyberspace Security and Cultural Innovation to demonstrate that Nanjing, as an innovative city, is always leading in the field of scientific and technological innovation. Sharing, exchanges and cooperation through this summit is aimed at promoting the future network development in China and even all over the world.


Numerous strategies and suggestions are offered for all-round development of scientific and technological innovation in Nanjing.

Innovation is a key driver for a country or a nation to move forward. To create a city card of "an innovative city" for Nanjing, Nanjing Municipal Committee and Nanjing Municipal People's Government have adapted themselves to the current trend and introduced a package of policies and measures to support the development of science and technology innovation industry.

In 2011, Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute was established in Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone in Nanjing, an important national science and education center and innovation base. The Institute is located in the Jiangning Future Network Town, with Liu Yunjie, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, serving as its director.

As the first future network technology research institution in China, Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute is located in Jiangning Economic Development Zone, showcasing the determination of Jiangning District and Jiangning Economic Development Zone to foster scientific and technological innovation. Therefore, Jiangning District and Jiangning Economic Development Zone has provided the core system support to build an innovative city, develop and implement supporting policies, attract many scientific research professionals and institutions and foster a favorable industrial innovation environment.

To implement a strategy of innovation-driven development, and attract talents by offering a high pay, Jiangning put forward some policies and measures including Policies and Measures on the Implementation of Strategy of Innovation-Driven Development to Make Yangtze River Delta a Leading Area in Independent Innovation, and Several Opinions on Encouraging Enterprises to Take Initiative in Independent talent Introduction and Exploitation (Trial). Besides, it has attracted the top talents and emerging enterprises by means of various approaches, through offering subsidy and financial supports; plans to build the demonstration park to share work space for start-ups and research incubators and fosters innovative industrial clusters; creates a major platform for sci-tech innovation to put mature science and technology projects into practice; make great efforts to turn Jiangning into a national cluster area for the intellectual property rights service industry.

With a series of policies and measures, Jiangning District and Jiangning Economic Development Zone aims to strengthen the leading role of projects to create a highland for Jiangning's innovative industry.

Open a new chapter of the urban pattern through industrial advances

Jiangning district and Jiangning development zone strongly support the innovation and development of the future network industry, a move which will make the whole pattern of Nanjing city more innovative.

Last year, the fifth plenary session of the 14th CPC central committee held by Nanjing Committee of the Communist Party of China launched the implementation of the “121” strategy of innovation-driven development - which is to build an innovation city with global influence, a comprehensive science center and a comprehensive high-tech industrial innovation center and a first-class innovation ecosystem. As the core of an innovative city, unswervingly implementing the "121" strategy, Jiangning deploys the innovation chain based on the industrial chain and is at the forefront when Nanjing builds itself into an "innovative city with global influence.”

Holding the "Global Future Network Development Summit” indicates that Jiangning is implementing the "121" strategy of Nanjing.

Based on the concept of equality, openness, and sharing, leveraging China's own advantages, the Summit seizes the opportunities of the global future network transformation, and displays and shares scientific and technological achievements to jointly explore the development of global future networks and achieve mutual benefits and win-win results. The summit aims to build the most advanced international exchange platform in the global future network field, create the cradle of cutting-edge technology cooperative innovation, and pioneer a new situation for the future network.


This summit will unleash a powerful "magnetic field effect", facilitating Jiangning, even Nangjing to establish a sound environment for research innovation, attract talents and introduce technologies. By relying on strong scientific and technological innovations, Jiangning district, even Jiangning development zone strives for stronger innovation capabilities, more IPR commercialization, more high-end projects and larger industrial scale, to become the first-class innovative base and industrial highland regarding communications, future network and information security.

This summit carries a special significance - inheriting the past and defining the future - for Nanjing to build a comprehensive and national science center: first, it highlights the leading position of Nanjing in the global network innovation; second, it propels Nanjing to develop towards digitization, networking and intelligence, clearly showing how Nanjing will become a world-famous innovative city.

As Liu Yunjie, the director of Future Networks Innovation Institute, said that the future network and communication should be one of the top priorities for Nanjing. Future network innovation and development will contribute to a new Nanjing where the economy is robust, people are rich, the environment is beautiful and the civilization level is high. It is also conducive for realizing dual-wheel driving - one is scientific & technological innovation while another is institutional and mechanism innovation. All of those will open a new chapter for Nanjing to establish an innovative city image.