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Big Story Told in a Small Town—Agenda Preview of 2017 Global Future Network Development Summit

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A huge event is about to break out in the internet sector!


From April 17-18, guided by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, China Association for Science and Technology and Jiangsu People's Government, sponsored by Chinese Academy of Engineering and Nanjing People's Government, and co-sponsored by China Institute of Communications, Jiangsu Development & Reform Commission, Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission, Jiangsu Department of Science and Technology and Jiangsu Communications Administration, the "2017 Global Future Network Development Summit " will be launched in the Future Network Town of Jiangning, Nanjing. Political leaders of relevant ministries and commissions, global well-known experts in future network, leaders in world top universities and colleges, global operators, network equipment manufacturers, persons-in-charge of internet giants and senior experts will be present at the meeting to exchange cutting-edge technologies in future network development and discuss about their development and applications.


As a high-profile glitzy event on global future network, 2017 Global Future Network Development Summit will focus on cutting-edge technology trend of future network, SDN/NFV technologies and applications, network operator transformation and reconfiguration, construction of future network test facilities and future network industry and innovative application, among other subjects that are less-known but will play a decisive role in the future. Many heavyweights present at this splendid meeting will show the latest updates in future network development to the rest of the world.


The summit is composed of one main forum, i.e. "Future Network Global Development Strategy", and 10 sub-forums of 4 topics, namely "Future Network and Technology Innovation", "Future Network and Application Innovation", "Future Network and Economic Development" and "Future Network and Cyberspace Security".



Key global telecom operators, network equipment manufacturers, renowned internet enterprisesb, global network experts, scientists and celebrities, as well as mainstream media across the world are invited to attend the main forum. Paul Vixie, CEO of Farsight Security and member of the Internet Hall of Fame, Don Towsley, Professor at the University of Massachusetts and the lifetime achievement award winner of 2008 ACM SIGCOMM, Serge Fdida, Vice President of the University of Paris VI, Principal of EU ONELAB test bed and winner of the top science and technology award of France-Palmes Académiques, Wu Hequan, Liu Yunjie, Li Guojie and other Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, global operators, network equipment manufacturers, chief directors and senior experts of internet giants, among other heavyweights, will deliver keynote speeches and conduct roundtable meetings. They will discuss about Future Network Global Development Strategy and network transformation and reconfiguration, among other key topics, offering latest updates and opinions on various aspects of the industrial chain of future network.


The 10 sub-forums on core issues of future network play a key role in this summit. Industrial giants and top scientists will be invited to individual sub-forums to exchange latest industrial updates based on different subjects of the sub-forums. Cutting-edge topics that will be covered include innovation of future network technologies and architectures, experiment -driven future network innovations, SDN/NFV technologies and applications, network reconfiguration and transformation, industrial internet, Internet of Things (IoT), intelligent manufacturing, future network and sharing economy, future network industrial investments and internet finance security, etc. The sub-forums will be organized by China Institute of Communications, Internet Society of China, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Jiangsu Future Networks Innovation Institute, Huawei, 21 Vianet and other domestic authorities and renowned enterprises. On top of that, ONELAB, CSIRO, World Association of Industrial and Technological Research Organization (WAITRO) and other international organizations will directly participate in the sub-forums, offering more professional views, diversified contents and fruitful results.



In the meantime, special activities of the summit are equally eye-catching—the opening ceremony themed as "Launching the Future", the "Eye for the Future" Special Exhibition and the “Explore the Zen of Internet at Mt. Niushou” Jiangning Theme Promotional Activity, among other activities in various forms. By establishing a unique communication platform, these activities not only showcase the latest technologies and products in global future network, but also the charms of Jiangning, Nanjing, a combination of technologies with the city and culture. The "Eye for the Future" Special Exhibition will be presided over by a smart robot, and at the custom "eye-opening ceremony", audience can view the latest and most cutting-edge future techs through the "Eye for the Future". Religious and technological representatives will be invited to the “Explore the Zen of Internet at Mt. Niushou” to hold a special event on "Religions and Technologies" in Niushou Mountain where the Niutou Zen was originated. A master from Longquan Temple will be invited to share the "Application of Smart Management in Temples" and discuss about "How Future Network Are Going to Revolutionize Conventional Management Modes", among other subjects.



Around the globe, internet remains a sector having the most vitality and explosive potential to grow. However, as the scale of internet and the number of users and emerging businesses continue to grow, and more innovative applications are invented, conventional internet is severely challenged in various aspects, from scalability to security and service quality. In order to handle such challenges and integrate the internet with the real economy, the internet is evolving into future network. In recent years, much research has been done on future network, in the hope of constructing a next-generation network with new architectures and technologies to meet the ever evolving application demands. In this regard, mainstream operators and equipment manufacturers all over the world have announced multiple network reconfiguration strategies. We can fairly say that the global network is undergoing a tremendous revolution, bringing new opportunities to the industry and making it possible for China to build its new, independent, controllable and secure network.



As an international focus, future network can effectively solve existing challenges for the internet, promote industrial upgrade in information network, and bring about new value growth in innovative applications of data centers, high-bandwidth transmission, transformation and reconfiguration of operator networks, industrial internet and network independence and controllability, among other fields. As future network technologies advance by leaps and bounds, and new industrial revolution is upon us, the splendid 2017 Global Future Network Development Summit is an event worth expecting!