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Heavyweights Discussing Future Network Development in a Glitzy Internet Event

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 the People's Republic of China, China Association for Science and Technology and Jiangsu People's Government, sponsored by Chinese Academy of Engineering and Nanjing People's Government, and co- sponsored by China Institute of Communications, Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission, Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission, Jiangsu Department of Science and Technology and Jiangsu Communications Administration, the opening ceremony of the "2017 Global Future Network Development Summit" will be launched in the Future Network Town of Jiangning, Nanjing.


Political leaders of state ministries, commissions, Jiangsu and Nanjing have paid much attention to this grand internet event. It’s known that Shang Yong, CPC Secretary and Vice Executive President of China Association for Science and Technology, Chen Zhaoxiong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and leaders of Jiangsu and Nanjing will attend the summit, and witness the launching ceremony with network experts and scientists present there.



The summit theme is "Innovation and Win-win Cooperation, Ushering in the Future Development". Key domestic and foreign telecom operators, network equipment manufacturers, prominent internet enterprises, global network experts, scientists, celebrities and mainstream media across the world will join this summit. This event is greatly supported by ONELAB, CSIRO, World Association of Industrial and Technological Research Organization (WAITRO), among other international organizations, China Institute of Communications, Internet Society of China, International Economic and Technological Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Jiangsu Future Networks Innovation Institute, Huawei, 21 Vianet and many other foreign and domestic authorities and enterprises. The summit is composed of one main forum, namely the "Future Network Global Development Strategy", and 10 sub-forums of 4 topics to study core issues on future network.


Paul Vixie, CEO of Farsight Security and member of the Internet Hall of Fame, Don Towsley, Professor at the University of Massachusetts and winner of the lifetime achievement award of 2008 ACM SIGCOMM, Serge Fdida, Vice President of the University of Paris VI, Principal of EU ONELAB test bed and winner of the top science and technology award of France-Palmes Académiques, Aruna Seneviratne, Vice President of Cisro Data61, Peter Steenkiste, Professor at CMU, an IEEE Fellow and Director at XIA, Abhimanyu (Manu) Gosain, Project Director of GENI , Laurent Mathy, Director and Professor at the ULg Network Research Center, Stéphane Grumbach, Senior Scientist at INRIA and Director of IXXI lab, Phil Robb, temporary Executive Director of OpenDaylight, Lu Xicheng, Zhu Gaofeng, Wu Hequan, Gao Wen, Liu Yunjie, Li Guojie, Wu Jiangxing, Lu Jianhua, Yu Shaohua, Wu Manqing and other academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, global operators, network equipment manufacturers, chief directors and senior experts of internet giants, among other heavyweights, will deliver keynote speeches and conduct roundtable meetings. They will discuss about Future Network Global Development Strategy and network transformation and reconfiguration, among other key topics, offering latest updates and opinions on various aspects of the industrial chain of future network. At the “Explore the Zen of Internet at Mt. Niushou” Jiangning Theme Promotional Activity, a master from the Beijing Longquan Temple, known as the "temple with the highest research capability", will deliver a speech titled "Intelligence and Wisdom" on the relationship between technologies and Buddhism by way of Xian'er, the robot monk.


Heavyweights will together at this glitzy event, where corporate leaders and experts exchange ideas, pushing the industrial development to a new high. As a key direction for internet reform, future network will boost the production of all industries to a higher level, and domestic and foreign scholars' research will revolutionize the future development of networks.


For a more detailed list of guests, please visit our summit's official website: