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2017 Global Future Network Development Summit Kicking off in Jiangning, Nanjing on April 17 to 18

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2017 Global Future Network Development Summit will be ceremoniously held in Jiangning, Nanjing from April 17 to 18, 2017. At that time, the guests and friends from the globe will carry out in-depth discussions on the theme of “Innovation and win-win cooperation, ushering in the future development” with topics such as opportunities and challenges the current network encounters, cutting-edge technology trend of future network, operator network transformation and reconfiguration, construction of future network test-bed, and future network industry and innovative application.

After 40 years of development, the Internet has become an important infrastructure of human society. With the expansion of network, increasingly growing users, endlessly emerging businesses, and continuous innovations of application scenarios, the traditional Internet is facing severe challenges in terms of scalability, security, flexibility, mobility, and quality of service. The Internet is embracing new changes. In recent years, the global mainstream operators and equipment vendors have announced a number of network reconfiguration strategies, and applied new technologies to build the new generation of network architecture, in a bid to meet the new requirements of development. The software-defined network, network virtualization, data center reconstruction, edge computing and other new network technologies and concepts have been continuously introduced, and are influencing all aspects of the network industry chain.

Against this background, the Global Future Network Development Summit will take the lead in establishing a cutting-edge international exchange platform to jointly discuss the cooperative developments and catch the transformation opportunity of future networks. The summit has sent invitations to famous experts, leaders of international top universities, global operators, network equipment manufacturers, main principals and senior experts of internet enterprises and institutions in the future network industry, many of whom have accepted the invitation for now.

The summit is composed of the main forum “Future Network Global Development Strategy”, and ten sessions around four topics, namely “Future Network and Technical Innovation”, “Future Network and Application Innovation”, “Future Network and Economic Development” and “Future Network and Cyberspace Security”. The Summit also has set special activities including the opening ceremony, “Eye for the Future” Summit Special Exhibition, and “Explore the Zen of Internet at Mt. Niushou” Theme Promotion Activity, which will not only display the latest technical achievements and products, but also highlight the charm of integrating technology, talent and culture in Nanjing.

The location of the summit, Future Network Town, is an innovative "Base" and a new name card for industry transformation and upgrade forged by the Party Committee and Government of Jiangning District. The town has introduced some characteristic technology platforms and brand innovation & start-up bases, including the Future Network Innovation Research Institute created by Academician Liu Yunjie, and the Nanjing Communication Technology Research Institute led by Prof. You Xiaohu and Prof. Hong Wei. The first major national science and technology infrastructure—China Environment for Network Innovations, undertaken by the Jiangsu Province, has been approved to be implemented here. The town is also leading the Special Program on 5G Technologies. More than 100 cutting-edge core technological findings have been commercialized and industrialized. Currently, the town has gathered more than 500 high-tech enterprises, attracted over 10,000 talents, and formed a coordinative innovation development system that integrates government supports, cutting-edge technologies, leading talents, further investments, open platforms, supporting services and industries clusters.

Guided by the concepts of equality, openness and sharing, 2017 Global Future Network Development Summit takes its advantages to strengthen global cooperation and implement mutual benefits and a win-win strategy, and makes its utmost efforts to seek a common ground while reserving differences, concentrate on development on the common ground, maintain a win-win situation in the development, and make fresh progress for future networks.